Take Action to Advance Northeast Ohio

Here’s 10 things you could do to Advance Northeast Ohio.

1. Make a micro loan.
2. Start a business.
3. Vote.
4. Take a class that will advance your career.
5. Buy regional.
6. Be a literacy volunteer.
7. Increase the diversity of the suppliers to your business.
8. Invest in a startup.
9. Encourage your city to participate in NEOSO.
10. Create internships at your business or educational institution, and encourage your children to try internship programs.

Of course there’s a lot more than just 10 things you can do to Advance Northeast Ohio. Add your suggestions by adding a comment below.


Use your professional influence to bring meetings and conferences to the city. Two recent examples:

OverDrive – invited their users group to Cleveland last summer and made sure they had a great time.

Cleveland Public Library – will host the Urban Libraries Council conference here next month.

We know that when our leaders pull us into the future with our shared purpose statement then we may want to get involved.

Lou Schott www.tnl3000.com

1. Use your local media to show folks what you are doing. If you have a convention, gathering, or a speaker, webcast it, podcast it.

2. Get school students into problem solving, thinking about solutions. Shoot a video about energy use, or how to use technology to improve their city. Students tend to be resourceful and visionary. If a good idea comes out, use it.

3. Create a culture, climate and an environment for technology to exist in. Businesses and schools are not the only places where technology develops. Hot rodding and popular computers began in garages, alternative life styles of the hippie era produced many green energy applications we are exploiting today. Do-it-yourself people are a resource, not just a market.

4. Consider the Linux and Open source software business models along side of standard business models. Use what ever advances the technology.