Free Money to Fill Your Talent Needs

Chris Mather, president of TechLift, has an offer that might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. There is money available to help your company hire interns.

As Chris wrote in a recent post on the JumpStart blog?

Investing in our young people, those who are from Northeast Ohio as well as those who attend college in Northeast Ohio, is particularly important to our region. We have all heard about the “quiet crisis” and “brain drain” with regard to Northeast Ohio. Having the prospect of a good job in Northeast Ohio will keep our students here, and will ultimately make our region more vibrant and economically strong.

“So what about that free money?” you ask. There are a number of subsidized internship programs for Northeast Ohio technology entrepreneurial companies that will help pay for the interns you should hire anyway:

  • Third Frontier Internship Program – This program subsidizes interns from Ohio universities and colleges and Ohio students at other colleges and universities who are enrolled in scientific, mathematics, technology and engineering programs.

Author: advance759