Dreaming Big and Transforming Education

I’m currently enrolled in an MBA program in sustainable business and am supposed to be writing a paper right now for my class.  Thanks to my professor, I have been sent on a stimulating journey of discovery that led me to (a) find kindred spirits in Colorado; (b) admiration for a true visionary; and (c) new ideas for how we can use technology to spread ANEO.

All of this because my professor sent my classmates and me a link to a video on YouTube (see link #1 below — but please keep reading first).  The statistics about population, education and workforce presented in it are stunning.  Since I am procrastinating from writing my paper, I decided to watch the video at link #2 and then I got really excited.  It is about our Education Works program on speed, and concludes with an invitation to join a global network of educators and citizens talking about how to transform education in the 21st Century (check out previous blog posts for info on EducationWorks).  Education Works is an infant network in Northeast Ohio of business, education, civic and funding leaders dedicated to trying different things in education to move the needle forward on 21st Century Skills.  The final leg of my procrastination journey led me Karl Fisch’s blog (he’s the visionary behind all these videos) where I found video #3.  In this video, Karl delivers a commencement speech for the graduating high school class of 2020, in which he talks about how technology has transformed education over the last 13 years.  (And I don’t mean changed — I mean totally transformed, as in, nothing like you know it today — NOTHING like you know it today.)

Author: advance759