More Computers for the Classrooms of NEO

OneCommunity, a nonprofit that provides broadband and other IT infrastructure to education, government and nonprofits in Northeast Ohio, has rolled out a plan to place 50,000 refurbished computers in our region’s schools over the next five years. The computers would come from area corporations and organizations. Learn more about the program.

The idea is to connect these computers to the OneClassroom initiative that provides teachers with easy access to a vast array of online resources from local and global institutions. Because the computers would access applications and programs hosted by OneCommunity, the school systems won’t have to maintain software on the individual machines.

In this story on, OneCommunity president Scot Rourke says: “We’re trying to inspire kids through technology so they can continue their education and be prepared for industries that need more people, like the health-care industry,” Rourke said. “Local employers are looking for the best and the brightest, and hopefully they will come from right here in Northeast Ohio.”

Author: advance759