Census Reporting by Governments – where is Northeast Ohio?

Earlier this year many of you read about the Cost of Government Study commissioned by the Fund for Our Economic Future and other partners in Advance Northeast Ohio that provides a comprehensive resource to the public to aid in analyzing the cost of government in Northeast Ohio (16 counties).  In doing this report we learned that government costs $17 billion annually, or 10% of our GRP (gross regional product).  Curious what your government spends on fire versus your neighbor, or want to see the trend in administrative costs over the 10 year period spanning 1992, 1997 and 2002?  If so, check it out.

The US Census may require individuals to declare their existence and other detailed information once every 10 years, but it requires governments to report their expenses and revenues every 5 years on the 02 and 07 of a decade.  Census reports were due from local government in July of last year, and the Census kept open the deadline until the end of October for late filers.  As of 10-31-08 there were many Northeast Ohio governments – 220 of 857 or 25% – whose information is not on file with the US Census.  Included in that list of 219 governments are 5 counties, 63  cities, 113  townships and 38 special districts.  Want to know if governments to which you pay taxes did their part and filed?  Check out the attachment (click on the tabs at the bottom to see the detail).  You need to be registered with this site to access the file. Register here.

I’m curious to know if this information makes you mad.  Please post your thoughts and responses here.

Author: advance759