Slow Pace of Government Change

A recent study of the Cost of Government in Northeast Ohio highlighted the ample opportunities for more efficient, effective government in the region. One area of significant duplication of services is public safety and several communities in the region have found ways to combine and share resources to lower costs and improve service. Communities in the Mahoning Valley are trying to do the same, but it’s taking longer than some would like.

In this recent editorial, the Youngstown Vindicator questions why a consultant believes it will take five years to consolidate 911 services in Mahoning County.

Here’s part of their editorial:

Five years is not to be part of any public official’s vocabulary when discussing 911. Too much time has passed, it is not ground-breaking governance and, this is something the business community is demanding — as reflected in the chamber’s position.

There is no excuse for consolidation not to become a reality within a year. The only impediment to progress is political parochialism.


What is the pace of government change in your community? If it needs to move faster, what can we do to help accelerate the pace of change?

Author: advance759