Countryside Conservancy Joins ANEO + Ag Industry Cluster

There are over 500 networks and organizations working on growing Northeast Ohio’s economy by growing our agriculture industry local food production and processing.  Joined together through an action-focused network, there are people changing the conversation about global food to local food and showing each other how it works.   The newest ANEO Partner is part of this coalition, and is also a leader in land use planning efforts:  Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy.

The region’s economic agenda is linking unlikely partners in the shared mission of growing our economy.  Local food, and an agriculture industry cluster that also supports bio-agriculture and advance energy, is what links rural economic development to urban economic development.  Not only is there shared purpose in growing businesses, there is shared purpose in becoming more sustainable and less dependent upon grid energy, implementing meaningful land use planning policies that preserve agricultural resources and reinvest in urbanized land.  Everyone eats.  The question you can ask yourself is this:  where does the food you eat come from, and what role can you play in growing our economy by eating locally grown, locally prepared, and locally processed foods?  Check out the attached file for more information.

Author: advance759