NEO Citizen’s League and League of Women Voters – Cuyahoga Area join ANEO as partners!

There are two new Advance Northeast Ohio Partners – one that’s been around for decades and another that is just forming.  These two organizations join the Cleveland Professional 20/30 club and many of the region’s leadership programs, in a growing constituency of people-led organizations ready go to work to strengthen our region’s economy.  Through their partnership with ANEO the League (Cuyahoga Area) and the Northeast Ohio Citizen’s League will be poised to bring the citizen-voice into ANEO partner discussions, and they will be able to connect their members directly to work that boosts our region’s economic competitiveness.

The League of Women Voters:  Cuyahoga Area
 has expressed interest in working with the region to study plans and concepts to improve government collaboration and effectiveness.  The Northeast Ohio Citizen’s League is actively recruiting members from across the 16-county region.  Its leaders are positioning it to be an interactive resource Northeast Ohio Citizen’s to learn about important news and information within the region and to be a vehicle for the citizen’s voice in regional dialogue.

ANEO Partnership is all about aligning thought, resources and action around a common vision for economic prosperity and a common set of priorities and strategies.  How are you aligned with ANEO?  How is your organization aligned with ANEO?

Author: advance759