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A BIG ANEO welcome goes to four new ANEO partners who joined the growing number of individuals and organizations working together to realize economic success for everyone in Northeast Ohio.  CAAO, the Consortium of African American Organizations, the Western Reserve Resource Conservation and Development Council, the Urban League of Greater Cleveland and Community Transition Partners.  Its great to have more partners in our work!

When ANEO launched last year about 73 organizations / individuals pledged support to the Region’s Economic Action Plan.  They committed to work together to develop the plan, build support for it and implement projects and strategies together that would increase our economic success as a region.  When our communications materials first were printed, we listed the parters by “type” – i.e., business groups, universities, leadership programs, elected officials / governments.  What we know now, after a year of working together, is that we have partners that represent lots of different types of organizations and who do lots of different types of work.  What they share in common, however, is a preference towards three different ways of engaging in our regions’ work.  They are either Funding Partners, Knowledge/People Partners, or Doing Partners.
Each type of partner is critical to the success of our collective work and when put together, they make the wheels of change turn.

Together, these partners are catalyzing positive change in Northeast Ohio.  Can you imagine what our region would look like if there were 730 individuals and organizations as partners in ANEO?  What would it look like to you?

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# Submitted by Georgia Reash -… on Sun, 07/06/2008 – 13:47.

Georgia Reash

Thanks for all you are doing to make the ANEO a living document; accessible, actual, authentic. It’s one thing to talk about change making, and another to create the relationships required for change making. Hope those on your team realize how important your work is and how much more is needed to make this more than just a nice brochure.

Keep going! We are here if you need us.

Author: advance759