An Equation for Hope


 Paul Gaston, a professor at Kent State University, sent me a math equation after I asked about the need for more hope in the region.

You will have to click on the Read More link below to see the equation. He prefaced his math by saying:

Well, yes! As a transplant myself, I continue to be astonished by the “glass nearly empty” perspective when I find the “glass nearly full.” The attached math problem responds to your request for reasons to have hope. There are more than three.

Northeast Ohio

Major League baseballWinter’s not for wusses
The Cleveland Clinic
A Great Lake
Radiant autumns
NBA basketball
Abundant live theatre
The Cleveland Orchestra
Flowing springs, gentle fens
University Hospitals
Exciting minor league baseball teams
First-rate regional orchestras
Major regional art museums
Cleveland’s downtown resurgence
Luminous park systems
The nation’s largest arboretum
NFL football & the NFL Hall of Fame
Five universities, many superb colleges
A dynamic National Park
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame
Superlative restaurants
The Cleveland Art Museum
Two vibrant airport hubs
Heavenly summers
Two prized NPR stations
The list continues . . . .

Can you do the math?

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