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During Voices & Choices the public asked that the region figure out a way to make it easier for entrepreneurs to be successful. One program that emerged from that call is a web site run by JumpStart called IdeaCrossing. That web site was highlighted today by a Wall Street Journal blog. Here’s what the WSJ had to say:

First, a tool that could help democratize the funding hunt — Think of it as matchmaking service between entrepreneurs and investors.

IdeaCrossing is open and free to anyone in the U.S. Entrepreneurs build a profile, and the system matches them to like-minded participating investors. Investors can see these profiles (the entrepreneur doesn’t get to right away) and reach out with time or money.

The site is still in beta with about 1,000 users. It needs critical mass to really work, but is a good idea that could help tap pockets of money in more regions.

IdeaCrossing is going national — even global. To really work for Northeast Ohio, more businesses here have to start using it. Check it out today.

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