University Merger Talk Continued


The Akron Beacon Journal editorial board takes a look at what it will take to reshape our university system in Northeast Ohio in the wake of talk of a merger of CSU-UofA. It’s worth reading the whole editorial here.

Below is the opening graph:

Eric Fingerhut doesn’t want to talk about a ”merger” of the University of Akron and Cleveland State University. The chancellor of the state Board of Regents cautions that the concept invites misunderstandings, defensiveness, hostility. He wants Northeast Ohio to think hard about restructuring, reorganizing or reshaping the landscape of higher education with the goal of creating something stronger academically and economically.

And here is the last graph:

A Northeast Ohio struggling to navigate an essential economic transition must take advantage of the opportunity, resisting the impulse to be parochial, especially in Cleveland, if truth be told. Fingerhut rightly wishes to examine the value of pulling together what would be one of the largest public universities in the country. The challenge is to engage in a thoughtful, open-minded examination, one with a particular eye on ensuring a more vibrant regional economy in 10, 15, 20 years and beyond.

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Author: advance759