Pushing More Students to College


The Akron Beacon Journal recently took a deeper look into efforts by local school districts to prepare students for college. For example, the Canton school district takes the extra step of busing high school students to Pennsylvania so that they can have a second shot at taking the ACT.

As Larry Ringler’s look at Black Monday highlighted, the region’s economic future is linked to the educational attainment of our residents.

For the first time, the Ohio Department of the Education is highlighting how each district does at preparing students for college. Tracking this information is essential to creating a culture that supports education and recognizes the connection between educational attainment and economic prospperity.

As an ABJ editorial noted:

The hope is that publicizing data on ACT and SAT test scores, Advanced Placement and post-secondary enrollment and honors diplomas will help raise academic ambition. College enrollment and graduation are vital to Ohio’s transition to a high-skill, knowledge-based economy.

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Author: advance759