Fresh Look for Jobs Site


NorTech has given its jobs site a fresh new look that fits nicely with the Cleveland Plus campaign.

Check out the site and see if one of the 5,000 plus jobs available in Northeast Ohio is right for you.

The site will likely grow in the near future to include jobs from manufacturing companies working with MAGNET.

Here’s a quick review of the site based on information from EmployOn, the Northeast Ohio company that maintains the site.

  • The overall number of jobs is now at 5,280 from 5,260. 
    • IT jobs decreased from 1,970 to 1,772. 
    • Bioscience jobs increased from 100 to 301
    • Healthcare jobs increased from 2,254 to 2,288
    • The Electronics sector was added to the filter and now includes 24 jobs
  • The number of registered job seekers is now at 1,314
    • 725 are registered as IT professionals
    • 158 are registered as Science and Engineering professionals
    • 115 are registered as Bioscience professionals
    • 49 users are from out of the State of Ohio, in 24 other US states.
  • The number of registered employers is now at 116

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Author: advance759