Government Collaboration and Efficiency

Partners in Advance Northeast Ohio are collaborating on two key strategies in the area of government to strengthen the economic competitiveness of Northeast Ohio.

Those strategies are:

  • Support government collaborations that strengthen economic competitiveness.
  • Implement regional planning to accelerate sustainable economic growth and enhance our quality of life.

One of the regional initiatives that partners support is the Northeast Ohio Sourcing Office, or NEOSO. NEOSO provides group purchasing and group services for 70 plus municipalities throughout the 16 counties of our region. Visit NEOSO online to learn how your community can generate savings through group purchasing.

A second initiative being supported by many of the partners in Advance Northeast Ohio is being led by the Northeast Ohio Mayors & City Managers Association. Members of the association and other elected officials are working together to identify how to implement a regional planning and revenue sharing program that would accelerate economic growth in Northeast Ohio. More information on this effort to rewrite the rules for how our governments conduct economic development in Northeast Ohio can be found at