Advance Northeast Ohio is our region’s economic action plan to build a brighter future for our cities, towns, villages and all of our residents.

Who developed it?

Advance Northeast Ohio is the result of two years of input, analysis and collaboration from the 20,000 citizens who participated in Voices & Choices, leading economists and researchers, business, labor, government, education and civic leaders throughout the region. The Fund for Our Economic Future brought together the partners that crafted the action plan.

What is the focus of the plan?

Advance Northeast Ohio calls for specific initiatives in four action areas:

  • Business Growth and Attraction
  • Talent Development
  • Growth Through Racial and Economic Inclusion
  • Government Collaboration and Efficiency

What is the role of AdvanceNortheastOhio.org?

This web site promotes regional examples of collaboration and sharing that are addressing the four action areas of Advance Northeast Ohio. If you’d like to highlight a program or initiative planned or under way in your community, please contact Chris Thompson of the Fund for Our Economic Future.

How is this plan different from earlier economic development plans?

This is the first effort to bring a regional approach to economic development in Northeast Ohio. Advance Northeast Ohio is based on the priorities set by the public during Voices & Choices, and it was developed with the help of leaders and officials from across all 16 counties.

As a regional plan, Advance Northeast Ohio complements local economic development initiatives.

Who is in charge of Advance Northeast Ohio?

 No single organization is responsible for this plan. It is the region’s plan and a collaboration of partners will implement the specific initiatives called for in the plan. Individual partners in the plan will collaborate with others and assume responsibility for the results specific initiatives.

How will we know it’s working?

The Fund for Our Economic Future will issue regular reports regarding the results of specific initiatives and the overall performance of the region’s economy.

What is the Fund for Our Economic Future’s role in the plan?

In addition to measuring and reporting the plan’s performance, the Fund will issue grants to select initiatives. It also will convene partners in the plan to work on specific initiatives.